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Scaling the Rocks

Engage. Adapt. Thrive.


Create excitement and engagement by adding a BREAKOUT workshop to your agenda!

7 out of 10 people feel disappointed, bored or frustrated with meetings.


said meetings miss opportunities to bring the group closer together.


said meetings are unproductive and inefficient


said they're unhappy with their relationships at gatherings

Organizations are losing trust + traction during gatherings.

Learn and grow through a FUNshop!

Or engage through expert facilitation


Want your next conference to stand out? Hire a BREAKOUT Crew facilitator to inspire + connect your audience.


More than ever, people are choosing where and how they spend their time more carefully. Learn what matters to your audience with our workshop!

Retreat Add-On

Your retreat, your way.
We'll assist with activity!

Meetings that connect.

When you choose Boredroom Breakouts as your partner, you can transform your next time together into an unforgettable experience! 

We are experts in leading experiences that
engagement and connection.

Everyone plays a part and gets to make choices

Have a clear goal that matters, is clear, and is achievable

Create a shared set of expectations for how they will engage

  • Offer your audience something to talk about with Sarah Line facilitati...

    1 hr


Who will you connect next?

Looking to energize an upcoming workshop, event or retreat? Hire the BREAKOUT Crew to facilitate a meeting or engaging workshop that helps you meet your objectives in the most FUN way possible!

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