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Paving New Paths

Changing the way change is made.

Meet Sarah Line, the dynamic founder & CEO of Boredroom Breakouts, who is leading change in the way that growth and change is made in organizations, teams, and individuals.


With the majority of her early career in business operations and employee benefits, Sarah was able to gain unique insight and create strategic plans for hundreds of businesses. Seeing the financial challenges that employers faced to engage and develop employees, and then also seeing the challenge for employees to be able to show up as their best self in environments that felt chaotic, Sarah decided to create a solution- and Boredroom Breakouts was established.

Sarah's approach to applied learning is based on the foundation of many humanitarian trips that she has led. Sarah studied the transformative effect that overcoming challenges had on individuals. Combining that with shared experiences of participants with a wide variety of backgrounds, beliefs, and value systems, changing and adapting together was powerful enough to bridge historically large differences through this connection.

At Boredroom Breakouts, Sarah's infectious energy and unwavering passion for strategic solutions drive the design for these transformative experiences. Her passion for creating change is evident in the curriculum that she developed and is integrated on every BREAKOUT: using science and fun to create an environment designed for growth and  strategic outcomes.


The ultimate goal? To empower humans to human better- together. To learn, adapt, engage, and grow- together. Together we rise, and we can fearlessly embrace change to create the world that we all want to live in. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to build a community of like-hearted people who don’t feel the need to be like-minded. 

It’s about changing together, not changing each other. 

It’s about keeping a mindset of curiosity and discovery.

It’s about growing stronger, so that we can guide others along the way.

It’s about leaving places & people better than we found them.

It’s about giving more than we take.

It’s about helping others discover and realize their potential.

And creating a safe space, so people can do just that. 

It’s about having adventures that free us to grow bold and brave.

It’s about embracing life’s challenges & using them as growth.

It’s about courage.

It’s about living fearless.

It’s about wonder.

It’s about the journey.

It’s about possibilities.

It’s about staying wild.

It’s about people. 

We Believe:

We believe that successful businesses can change the world.

We will create opportunities for everyone to do good.

We are committed to lowering barriers to experiences that transform.

We believe in empowering and cheering on humanity.

We believe in thinking differently.

We lead differently.

We are taking action.

We are part of creating a better world.

We believe that it starts with us.

More About Us

Our Commitment:


  • Educate our participants on local culture, and ways they can be mindful and respectful while they are on their retreat

  • Educate our participants about challenges the environment faces, and ways that they can give back while on their retreat


  • Eliminate single use plastics on our trips by 2030

  • Utilize flex fuel vehicles used for transportation when this is available

  • Avoid traveling to locations that are suffering due to high influxes of travel

Support Local Businesses:

  • Use & champion small + minority businesses when possible to continue to break down barriers of accessibility to resources that can create better futures

  • Purchase fresh, local, and organic ingredients for our participants meals whenever possible 

Paving Paths For Others

Boardrooms Without Borders

Use your next retreat to help us make the world a better place!


Boardrooms without Borders has been designed as an innovative workplace solution to meet the growing demand for meaningful work within corporate jobs.

If you choose this option, we will work with you to choose a project and an amount to fund. Then, 2 days of your retreat will be set aside for an exciting opportunity to hands-on work on projects that leave long-term impact.

You are creating an opportunity for employees to gain make a difference in the world while developing essential soft skills & gaining perspective.

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