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About This Webinar:

The job of every leader is to understand how to bring those around us through an experience that allows them to show up and thrive as the best version of themselves.

In this one-hour workshop, you will learn the science behind the core fears that all humans share that hold us back from fully engaging. You can use this information to create frameworks to empower leaders to facilitate engaging environments within your organization.

-One Hour Online Workshop facilitated by Founder + CEO of Boredroom Breakouts and The Fun Committee team building system

-Understand what holds us, and others, back from fully engaging
-Learn principles of facilitating psychologically safe environments
-Identify gaps in the employee (or client) experience to determine where you can enhance elements of engagement within your organization
-Pre and post session worksheets to help transition knowledge into action

Skill Development Focus:
Self awareness
Conflict resolution

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Facilitated by Sarah Line,
Founder & CEO at Boredroom Breakouts.

Sarah Line is also the founder of The Fun Committee where she creates engaging experiences, combining science and fun to transform knowledge into action so that teams can thrive together through a meaningful monthly team building program.

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