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Service Model

Your experience starts right now: the beginning of something great!

Pre-Trip Service:

  • Itinerary:

    • Plan a custom itinerary for you, finding incredible experiences & locations to suggest as part of your adventure

  • Logistics:

    • Leverage our lodging partnerships to secure accommodations

    • Reserve & complete paperwork for all activities

    • Organize team member information & direct tasks that need to be completed

    • Create room assignments

  • Session Agendas:

    • Compile the agenda for any strategic sessions (If Applicable)

  • Detailed step-by-step instructions:

    • Provide packing lists, flight booking info, & itinerary

      • We have a task management system that prompts your team through these steps

      • We gather & track flights, necessary documents for the trip like passports, etc.

  • Food details:

    • Plan the menu & order groceries

      • We send surveys out to gather data on food allergies

  • Communications:

    • Answer employee questions:

      • Host a Q&A meeting for your team

      • Respond within 48 hours to employee questions submitted through our site

On-Trip Service:

  • Transportation:

    • Full service from pick up to drop off at airport

    • Facilitate transportation to & from all activities that are chosen for the adventure

  • Engaging Guides

    • A minimum of 2 engaging Breakout Crew Guides on location to make your experience exceptional & productive​

      • Lead in engaging conversations & help create fun, memorable moments

      • Monitor energy levels from the group, adjust the itinerary and next steps as needed

      • Help facilitate any meetings, being a neutral outside person to help navigate any difficult situations or conversations that might come up.

  • Logistics Management

    • Handle all details for arrival & departure in lodging

    • Handle all food preparation & clean up

    • Coordinate needs for anyone feeling ill, help get them to a hospital/clinic if needed


Every BREAKOUT Guide is specially trained with our processes to ensure that you have a consistent & reliable experience. Every member of our team believes in our Core Values and is on a mission with us to empower, connect, and help individuals + teams reach their full potential.

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