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The Fun Committee

Irresistible Skill Development

Do you feel frustrated or limited by team dynamics? 

Do you want your team to thrive together?

Spark connection and growth into your workplace with The Fun Committee's strategic team-building approach.


With our resources, every meeting is a step toward team growth. 

Whether you need a complete team inspiration infusion or a little boost, creating engagement is essential to empowering a cohesive productive team.


What you need is a strategy - one that doesn't drain all your energy and time and one that doesn't feel forced to your team. Don't worry - We've got you!


The Fun Committee is strategically designed with monthly team building games that also build soft skills that are foundational to team success.


Look at you being all productive solving two problems at once!

Boost Engagement

Boost Engagement Interactive games and challenges specifically crafted to captivate your team's attention and foster collaboration, creativity,

and communication.

Easy to Implement

With just one hour a month, you can transform your team dynamics and cultivate essential soft skills without disrupting your busy schedule.

Skill Develoment

From leadership and decision-making to empathyadaptability and conflict resolution, our activities target key soft skills essential for peak performance in today's workplace.

Your 12 Month Plan: 

Image by Estée Janssens

EQ Skill Development

101- Establishing Trust

102- Active listening

103- Empathy

104- Change Management

Team Skill Development

105- Reliability

106- Collaboration

107- Communication

108- Conflict Resolution

Execution Skill Development

109- Decision Making

110- Critical Thinking

111- Innovation

112- Resilience

It's all fun and games until... someone learns!​

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Imagine a cohesive, engaged team that grows together every month.

Your team is waiting for you to make this a reality!

When you join The Fun Committee, you get:


🚀 Access to "On Boreding" with FUN: The Facilitator Onboarding Course

Dive into our immersive Facilitator Onboarding Course, designed to arm you with the FUNdamentals of creating meetings that aren’t just productive—they’re a blast! Master the art of engaging your team in ways that are both meaningful and playful.

🛠️ Monthly Toolkits: Your Engaging Games Delivered

Every month, unlock an activity or game curated to bring out the best in your team. Each activity is a unique blend of science and fun, engineered to maximize engagement and develop soft skills. We provide crystal-clear instructions, plus alternate engagement methods for you to choose the perfect fit for your team’s vibe.

🌱 Professional Development Resources: Grow as You Go

Harness the power of play to develop key skills within your team. Our facilitator conversation guides spark meaningful dialogue for post-activity discussions, while our monthly handouts and worksheets support ongoing development and implementation. With our resources, every meeting is a step toward team growth.

📋 Seamless Meeting Prep: Everything You Need, Delivered

Wave goodbye to meeting prep stress. Your toolkit comes complete with:

  • Communication templates

  • Supply lists

  • Ready-to-go meeting agendas

  • All designed to ensure you’re prepped and ready to roll without the hassle.

 🎓 Membership Perks: More Than Just Meetings

  • Score exclusive access and discounts to leadership development courses and retreats.

  • Tap into the Committee Community: a vibrant network of creative, motivated go-getters dedicated to mutual success.

  • Ongoing support from the Boredroom Breakouts CREW—because we’re not just facilitators; we’re your strategic partners in team growth!

Join Now to Access Your first FUN Committee toolkit!

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