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Camp Fire at Night
Camping at Festival

Back To The Basics

Overnight Team Building Retreat

Embark on an overnight journey on the northern shores of Minnesota, where you and your crew will embrace the unknown together, focusing on strengthening the foundations of functional teams!

Pick your crew, choose your FUNdamental topic to focus on, and get ready for an adventure that will transform the way you view leadership!


It's been proven that spending time with your team out of the office can be incredibly beneficial.


Having fun is great - and we are ALL for it - but, what if you could use your time together to be intentional, strategic, and help give your team more tools to navigate their daily responsibilities at work, and at home? 

We are here to help you get the best of both worlds! From the time you show up, to the time you leave, our BREAKOUT Crew will handle all of the logistics and facilitation, leaving you free to fully engage and participate in your special team building time!

Choose an area of focus, pick your team, and show up ready to embrace the unknown!

We'll handle all of the FUNdamental details!

Here's everything you'll get when you sign your team up for a Back To The Basics Team Building Retreat!

Gear + Guide

  • Tents

  • Sleeping pads + bags

  • Cookware + dinnerware

  • Boredroom Breakouts guide and facilitator

Team Building

  • Team building activities

  • Facilitated session: The Elements of Trust

  • Engaging conversation

  • FUN

Food + Drinks

  • Dinner, Breakfast, and lunch provided

  • Essential drinks

  • Gluten and dairy free options available

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 12.33.07 PM.png

Areas Of Focus

Building + Strengthening A Foundation of Trust

Trust | Communication | Stress Management | Leadership

Learn the scientific elements that contribute to building - or destroying - trust. Work together to identify areas that you, and your team, can build and maintain more trust. Create a framework to align your actions with your intentions to implement to continue to strengthen trust within your organization, to your clients, and beyond.

Empowering An Adaptable And Agile Team

Adaptability | Resilience | Engagement | Change Management

Fuel your team's ability to navigate their responses to unforeseen circumstances to transform them into catalysts for growth + innovation by learning how cognitive functions affect your ability to engage and adapt. Learn reframing mindsets + techniques to understand, evaluate, and determine the best ways to move forward through unknowns from a leadership standpoint. Create frameworks to help your team operate autonomously within the limits that exist to maximize your talent.

Fearlessly Embracing - And Leading - Change

Change Management | Emotional IQ | Communication | Adaptability

In today's face-paced business landscape, embracing change is paramount for success. Using science-based curriculum, your team will learn tools to understand common fears triggered by change, ways to navigate change, and how to improve emotional intelligence to lead through change fearlessly.




Session 1


Morning Activity

Session 2


Session 3


Upon arrival, you'll be greeted by the Boredroom Breakouts team and guided on a short journey afoot to your cozy team camp for the night. Team members will given instruction on demonstrations for setting up camp before being paired up to work together to set up their own spaces.

3 P.M.

Dinner time is fun when you're learning to cook over a campsite stove! Every team member will be assigned a role in preparing food the old fashioned way, relying on communication, creativity, and teamwork to cook a delicious meal. 

5 P.M.

Relax by the fire as you engage in your first session on your chosen area of focus. Games will be integrated to demonstrate various lessons, so don't get too comfortable and get ready to have some fun! 

6  P.M.

7  A.M.

Your crew will be assigned a role for breakfast, with each person having a role in the creation of our shared meal. 

8  A.M.

Your guide will facilitate a morning activity designed to integrate movement, insight, and soft skill development into an enjoyable time.

10  A.M.

Session 2 will begin by building on what you learned the night before, with your team identifying and clarifying areas in your team can be strengthened.


Lunch will be less collaborative, and more competitive as your teams compete to create a tasty lunch. Winners get bragging rights and a special surprise!

1 P.M.

Session 3 will focus on creating frameworks to integrate and maintain areas of focus within your organization, applying the new tools and insights you have learned to the areas that your team has identified to strengthen.

3 P.M.

Camp take down time + hike out !

Forest Trees

Request Your Date

Ready To Go? Request your date, area of focus, and let us know about your team. We will confirm with you within 24 hours!

Aren't you a WILD one!? We like it. We are working on confirming your dates and will be in touch within 24 hours!

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