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Real experiences designed to empower your success.

Discover energizing solutions for leaders, teams, and organizations to thrive better together.

Teams that are “good” have still allowed $8.8 Trillion to slip through the cracks. 

Nice Teams:

are not willing to risk upsetting anyone, even if it means solving a problem that would help your organization.

Polished Teams

Struggle with group think and often end up following the loudest idea, not the best idea for your organization.

Low Turnover Teams

often maintain underproductive and unengaged employees that continue to collect paychecks.

Growing Teams:

Slowly diminish in productivity and engagement through culture fade as organizations grow.

While many programs focus only on leadership development, we have created engaging activities for entire teams to grow together through experiential- based learning.

Boredroom Breakouts' Holistic Framework For Building Unstoppable Teams




Science-Based Curriculum

  • Core Human Fears

  • Understanding Trust Structure

  • Elements of Engagement

  • Soft Skills



Experiential Learning

  • 90% increased information retention

  • Personalizes application & understanding

  • More likely to apply to work solutions

  • Builds trust in self and team



Accelerated Growth

  • Reinforces healthy culture

  • Strategic frameworks 

  • Cohesive but diverse strengths

  • Organization wide alignment

As a psychologist, I was struck by how consist the strategies used reflected the science of behavioral change and group development. Absolutely a fantastic experience!

Anthony Tucci

Piece By Piece Neuroscience

You’ll leave your Boredroom Breakouts experience challenged, refreshed, and better than when you started. You’ll gain new insights about yourself and your abilities.

Emma Wynnae

Individual Participant

From the very beginning, Sarah exhibited an exceptional ability to create an atmosphere of camaraderie and open communication among our diverse group of colleagues.

Liz Coffman

Armadillo Home Services

Where Would You Like To Start?

The FUN Committee



Designed for organizations who want to accelerate team growth and organizational results.

Often used for busy leaders who:

  • Want a strategic and easy to implement option

  • Are looking for consistent soft skill development

  • Who want to build a better culture through fun + inspiration

Boredroom Breakouts Fun Team Building for boardrooms

Limitless Leaders Series


Offer your team a dynamic workshop that builds foundational frameworks for growth.

Perfect for organizations who want:

  • Professionally facilitated sessions

  • To bring their teams to the next level of innovation and productivity

  • Assistance creating actionable frameworks to succeed

Boredroom Breakouts Fun Team Building workshops speakersfor boardrooms

Complete Retreats


Offer your team accelerated opportunities to develop adversity responses.

Limitless Leader Development:

  • Gain confidence in their ability to lead change

  • Enhance adaptability capabilities

  • Bring transformative leadership to their organizations

  • Individual or team options

Boredroom Breakouts Fun Team Building workshops retreats boardrooms
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Free Workshop!

Creating Engaging Environments: 

Learn The Science Behind Engagement to Unleash Team Growth


Leading people is a gift - when you know how to create an engaged and thriving team!

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting the best for your team, but not knowing how to get them to participate in meetings or as a cohesive team.

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