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the Unknown

Transform knowledge into action to BUILD UNSTOPPABLE TEAMS
that thrive through change.

How great would it be to use FUN to drive business revenue and growth?


Take learning + development from BLAH to BRILLIANT!

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$8.8 Trillion has been lost due to disengaged team members.


Rethink engagement: there's a lot of belief that engagement is about emotion- but it's actually science!


When inconsistent, negative, or unknown situations are experienced or are present, it often triggers psychological core human fears and employees disengage.


As leaders, we must understand how to facilitate an employee experience that creates psychological safety, removes fear and allows every person to show up as their best selves. 

Building and leading powerful teams starts with creating frameworks that empower moments, meetings, and movements that drive connection, engagement and maximized outcomes.


We have a lot of head knowledge and often know the correct answers to what we should do. But when real risk is weighing on us and fear is engaged, we often revert to old patterns or avoid any amount of risk at all.

If you want a workforce that leads the industry in solutions, you must make it easier for your team to take calculated risks, adapt, and navigate the unknown with confidence. The most crucial moments in business can hinge upon you- and your team's- response to change.

Embark on a journey like no other with us; whether by yourself or with your team, for a day or for a week, through science and fun, we will lead you through applied learning experiences that transform knowledge into action and powerful results!

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Collective growth is the goal to accelerate real impact and results in your organization. 

Have you ever found that you had changed, but those around you didn't change with you? It creates a gap that is a lonely, frustrating, time consuming to explain to others in effort to gain their understanding and buy in to want to change too.


In business, growth gaps are very costly in terms of slow progress, employee turnover, and customer retention.


Shared learning experiences are powerful because it allows teams to overcome resistance to change as you learn, change, and grow together in real time.


Applied learning accelerates skill development like adaptability, communication, resilience, creative problem solving because they are developed by rewiring the brain through mental, physical, and emotional stimulation.

Your unstoppable team will keep your business moving: even when things get wild, your team will know better how to quickly assess the situation, adapt, and move forward with confidence- together!

Anthony T, Worchester

"Inspiring, challenging, and frustrating in all the right ways and places to promote incredible personal growth and reflection.
As a psychologist, I was struck by how consist the strategies used reflected the science of behavioral change and group development. Absolutely a fantastic experience!”

You have options to build your team of Limitless Leaders!




Designed for organizations who want to accelerate team growth and organizational results.

Often used for:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • High Growth Models

  • Remote Workforces

  • Soft Skill Development

Group of CEO's on a Team Building Retreat with Boredroom Breakouts



Offer your managers and leaders fun and innovative ways to develop their professional tools!

Perfect for leaders who want to:

  • Gain confidence in their ability to lead change

  • Enhance adaptability capabilities

  • Bring transformative leadership to their organizations

Boredroom Breakouts Leadership Development CEO walking through adventurous mountains


Build frameworks to empower your team through workshops + monthly engagement solutions!

Limitless Leader Development:

  • Science-based learning session

  • Practice knowledge through fun experiences

  • Framework sheets to identify implementation opportunities

Two people leaning against a cliff wearing rock climbing gear after a team building event with Boredroom Breakouts
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