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Engage. Adapt. Thrive.

The Engaged

A game-changing solution for organizations to beat the
$8.8 Trillion Dollar Challenge


Disengagement is costing you.
A lot.

Bring a game-changing solution for your employees with our exciting adventure-based learning experiences as a powerful way to develop crucial soft skills that empower and engage your team in a way that really gives back to your financial bottom line.


Let adventure become your catalyst for growth--the path to success lies in your team embracing the exhilarating unknown!

Our unique immersive experiences combine scientific-based curriculum with exciting challenges that demand collaboration, communication, and problem-solving.


Your team will emerge with essential soft skills like creativity, adaptability, and leadership, honed through overcoming obstacles and navigating uncertainty.


Confronting physical and mental challenges during these adventures instills resilience and a re-framed response to adversity, empowering your team to embrace risk-taking and view failures as valuable learning opportunities.


Our adventure-based learning offers a transformative approach to personal and professional growth, equipping your team with the confidence and capabilities to thrive in ever-changing and demanding environments.

These BREAKOUTS go beyond adventure; they are the carefully crafted accelerators that reshape mindsets, foster resilience, and cultivate a unified force that propels businesses to conquer uncharted territories with unwavering determination.

Join us on an extraordinary journey to unlock your team's full potential and excel like never before!

Woman leadership development in the middle of a mountain with a blue lake and trees around



Thrill your team with an off site retreat and catapult your business forward.

Often used for:

  • Annual Strategic Planning

  • Incentive Trips

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Team Building

  • Soft Skill Development

Group of CEO's on a Team Building Retreat with Boredroom Breakouts


Join us for a planned trip where carefully selected locations, adventurous activities, and shared experiences intertwine.

  • Cultivate essential leadership skills

  • Foster strong connections 

  • Drive lasting personal and professional growth.

Boredroom Breakouts Leadership Development CEO walking through adventurous mountains


Breakout for an afternoon to develop your team with local workshops + adventures.

Transform your team through:

  • Fun + competitive games

  • Adventure-based outings

  • Pre-activity learning sessions

  • Takeaway activities

  • DIY team building

Two people leaning against a cliff wearing rock climbing gear after a team building event with Boredroom Breakouts
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