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People Are Developed Differently Here.

Womens leadership development soft skill development  in minneapolis
corporate retreats with team building and leadership development
Womens Leadership Development Program Minneapolis

Build Unstoppable Teams That Thrive Through Challenges

We Create Strategies To

Empower Strategic Growth

Developed Differently.

Use Science + Fun To Amplify Learning!

Smart Organizations Invest In Employee Development

Organizations Invest In Employee Development.

Break out of boring + ineffective learning formats!

Traditional learning only has a 5-10% information retention rate and even less application transference to future scenarios.

This is one of the worst investments an organization can make.

We are changing the game by creating experiences that blend science and fun

to bring learning to life and transform knowledge into action!

We are changing the game of employee engagement and development- Learn the science behind our success!

What Can Our Engaged Experiences Do For You?

Improve Culture

  • Increase engagement

  • Shared experiences

  • Have fun together

Accelerate Growth

  • Build trust

  • Improve communication

  • Close knowledge gaps

Increase Productivity

  • Organizational alignment

  • Break group think

  • Empowering frameworks​

Develop Soft Skills

  • Target crucial skills

  • Build agile teams

  • Applied experience

Organizational Success Through Employee Excellence!

*Averages a 23% increase in profitability

Experiential Learning Transforms Knowledge Into Action!

Boredroom Breakouts Client Review

Even The GOOD Get Stuck!

It's Normal To Become Complacent With Comfort.

We have so much knowledge available to us, but progress is often hindered by our ability to move past our comfort zones when the stakes are high. We get stuck when we are confronting the fear of getting it wrong, striving for control,  facing uncertainty, feeling unqualified, and not wanting to "rock the boat" .


Standard operations become the plateau as we settle for good enough.

Boredroom Breakouts Solutions

BREAK OUT of boring + BREAK IN to the benefits!

We Help You Transform Knowledge Into Action!

Real Experiences. Real Results.

Boredroom Breakouts creates experiences designed to maximize the way our brains are wired to learn,

improving information retention over traditional classroom settings by up to 90%, and increasing application of knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

And we use FUN to get it done!

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 5_edited.jpg

Free Workshop!

Creating Engaging Environments: 

Learn The Science Behind Engagement to Unleash Team Growth


Leading people is a gift - when you know how to create an engaged and thriving team!

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting the best for your team, but not knowing how to get them to participate in meetings or as a cohesive team.

Ready To Connect?

What are you looking for?

This 10 day, 9 night trip to Thailand filled with inspiration, hands-on leadership development education, humanitarian projects and, of course, adventure!

Upcoming Leadership Development Opporunity!

2025: Thailand

Boardrooms Without Borders


This 10 day, 9 night trip to Thailand is filled with inspiration, hands-on leadership development education, humanitarian projects and, of course, adventure!

Explore the world with like-hearted individuals as you overcome challenges, discover new abilities within yourself, have fun, contribute to life-changing humanitarian projects, learn about local life in Thailand, and visit nearby wonders.

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