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The Extreme Team
Building Extravaganza

A Team Building Extravaganza To Celebrate the Launch of The Fun Committee

The Details

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Facilitated by Sarah Line,
Founder & CEO at Boredroom Breakouts.

Sarah Line is also the founder of The Fun Committee where she creates engaging experiences, combining science and fun to transform knowledge into action so that teams can thrive together through a meaningful monthly team building program.

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Team Registration:

You're on the list!

More about The Fun Committee!

Say goodbye to fragmented, ineffective + antiquated models.

Drive engagement + growth through fun monthly activities in less than 1 hour per month!


Empower Your Leaders

This monthly "plug and play" model has been tailored for busy managers and growing organizations, and can easily be customized for your team by adapting elements.


Build Unstoppable Teams

The Fun Committee has been designed to champion collective growth, teaching skills like adaptability, mental agility, communication and more- building unstoppable teams that thrive through change. Together.

Get a Return On Investment: It Pays To Play

With over $8.8 Trillion lost to disengaged team members, we don't leave engagement up to emotion- we use science + fun to drive important elements that ultimately lead to increased revenue.


It's all fun and games until... someone learns!​

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