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Organizational Solutions

Engaged | Empowered | Effective

Holistic Growth 

Say goodbye to fragmented learning and get your entire organization collectively moving in the same direction!

Fractional Engagement Officer

We are experts in understanding how to truly engage humans at many levels, making it easier than ever for you to bolster employee engagement and skill development to optimize organizational success.


With Boredroom Breakouts as your Fractional Engagement Officer, we will create a roadmap for you and implement strategies to boost morale, soft skill development, retention, and innovation, enhancing overall performance and organizational success.


Over time, we will help you foster a culture of communication, recognition, and growth will lead to sustained growth, heightened brand advocacy, and increased customer loyalty.


Schedule a meeting with Sarah Line today to see if a Fractional Engagement Officer is the solution you have been seeking!

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Leadership Development Retreats

Join a retreat designed to help leaders build on foundational skills, connect with others, and enhance their ability to lead cohesive teams.

  • Gain confidence in your ability to lead change

  • Enhance adaptability capabilities

  • Bring transformative leadership to your organization

  • Connect with other leaders to gain perspective and insight

Leadership Development Workshops

Energize your next monthly meeting with a hands-on workshop that helps your leaders trust each other in new ways, find alignment, and collectively work towards their next steps. Some of our favorite & fun workshops to teach are:

  • Fearlessly Embracing + Leading Change

  • Facilitating and Fostering Engaging Environments

  • Empowering an Adaptable + Agile Teams

These workshops are ideal for team sizes 6-20, but we can get adaptable along with you!

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DIY Monthly Team Building

On your own time, in your own location, seamlessly lead your team through fun + powerful team building sessions in less than one hour a month!

Whether you need a complete team inspiration infusion or a little boost, creating engagement is essential to empowering a cohesive productive team.


What you need is a strategy - one that doesn't drain all your energy and time and one that doesn't feel forced to your team. Don't worry - We've got you!


The Fun Committee is strategically designed with monthly team building games that also build soft skills that are foundational to team success.

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