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Simple travel hacks to get the best seat on your next flight

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

While booking a flight might seem like a simple task, there are a few little known hacks that Sarah Line, CEO of Boredroom Breakouts uses to maximize her travel experience.

Tip #1: Download the extension Legrooms for Google. Please note, this is a Google Chrome extension. Even if Google Chrome isn’t your preferred web browser, we have found this extension to be worth having Google Chrome on hand for! This extension is used in conjunction with Google Flights. You can search your flight tickets to compare prices, but now you can also see which carriers & which selected airplane for that flight offers the most space. Economy seats can vary up to as much as 4”! That is a lot of space considering that could be an additional 10-15% space on your seat.

Tip #2: Do you ever get on a plane and find yourself in a terrible seat? Us too. Each plane is different, so we use Seat Guru as one of my favorite travel resources! You will need the airline, date of the flight, and the flight number. Once you enter that information, it will show you a map of the airplane scheduled & which seats are the best, average, or below average. We don’t know if you’ve been in a seat that doesn’t recline or have a window, but that really wrecks our experience!

Tip #3: Fuel prices are up. Food prices are up. Flight prices are up. It makes it more challenging to travel at a reasonable cost. Cue SkyScanner. This is without a doubt our favorite way to book flights at the lowest cost possible and we have been using it for years. It’s probably nothing you will use for a corporate job, BUT this is SO much fun. See below!

Location: Enter your origin, but enter “everywhere” for your destination. Dates: Search “whole month” and select “Cheapest month”.

It will list in ascending order countries (and within the countries, the cities) from cheapest to most expensive. In my video, I show a round trip flight from Minneapolis to Turks & Cacos for under $200! Because it sorts across several months & countries, you can snap up some really amazing flight prices

Cross reference these affordable flights with Seat Guru & Legrooms if you want to make sure that you’ll be comfortable. Or perhaps the low cost will be worth some discomfort so that you can go to a new, fun place!

So there you have it! We hope you found these tips helpful! Make sure to sign up for our newsletter below for inside information on all things travel, retreats, team building & workplace culture!


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