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Avoid These 3 Travel BlundersIn this blog you will find helpful tip that Wreak Havoc on Your Luggage

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

In this blog you will find helpful tips from our good friend Kayla, who is a baggage handler at United Airlines.

She shares her insider knowledge with our community about common errors travelers make that can cause big issues and solutions to help your luggage & personal items arrive at your destination safely.

Common Packing Errors

  1. Not sealing liquids properly. Every liquid should be put in a ziplock or sealed bag, whether it's in a carry on or checked!

    • Use larger zip lock bags for your checked liquids. Many times pressure changes can cause them to open, or your bag could be roughly handled during transport, causing liquids to leak. As a luggage handler, we see a lot of bags that have liquids inside that have leaked. Zip locks come in large sizes, up to 3 gallons. If you need some, you can find the larger sizes here.

    • It’s the federal aviation law to keep liquids in a carry-on under 3 oz, and to put all allowed liquids in a quart-sized zip lock bag for your carry on. However, make sure that you have a good set of jars for your liquids that have a tight seal. Even when they’re in a ziplock bag, it’s never fun to find yourself without a product that you need, or to clean it off of all the other liquid containers in the ziplock bag. If you want recommendations for some good liquid containers, take a look here.

  2. Overpacking. When you’re packing, many times you can save space by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. However, be aware of the bag weight. Many people forget how quickly clothes can add up and as a result, many travelers can be in for an unpleasant surprise when the airlines add on additional charges.

    • Weigh bag before going to the airport! You can pay up to $200 for a bag that is overweight. OR there are these cool bag weigh handles you can purchase and bring with you so that you’ll never be caught off guard! Find a luggage scale here.

3. Not taking additional steps with your luggage.

  • Put an air tag in your bag to be able to track it if it gets lost. This is an easy and cost efficient way to track luggage. Purchase Airtag Here.

  • Purchase a suitcase cover - if your bag breaks during transport, this will help hold everything in! (Zippers break all the time)

  • Take a picture of your luggage in case it gets lost.

  • Don’t use Saran wrap to wrap the outside of your bag. Yes, it keeps everything together but it is very hard for employees to slide bags and stack them. As a result, baggage handlers seem to be more rough with the bag.

Other airport tips!

  1. To increase upgrade chances:

    • Take a flight that is early in the morning or late at night.

    • Get an airline branded credit card. This often boosts you to the front of your priority group. Often, these cards do come with a cost, but if you fly often enough, it can more than pay for itself with upgrades!

    • Select “request upgrade” when you book your flight. You can do this through the airline portal or airline app.

  2. To fly through security:

    • TSA Pre-check and Clear services are easy add-on security options that help reduce time going through security, and we believe they are so worth it!

    • Security is generally a lot shorter if you have an early morning or late night flight.

    • Consider security regulations when choosing your outfit. How easy/difficult will it be to get through security? Avoid: metals, shoes that are difficult to get on/off, etc.

  3. If parking at the airport, always take a picture of where you parked your car.

  4. Always download the app for the airline you are traveling with and check in online. This will save you SO much time.

  5. Dress in layers. You never know what the temperature on the plane is going to be, so it’s nice to be able to add or remove layers easily to be more comfortable for the entire flight.

  6. Do not leave the airport with a damaged bag if something has happened to it during transport. Instead, bring it straight to baggage services. If you leave the airport, it is not likely that you will get reimbursed for damaged luggage. However, if you don’t have time that day then take pictures as soon as possible that clearly show the damage, and bring it back within 7 days.

We hope that you found these tips helpful. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter below for inside information on all things travel, retreats, team building & workplace culture!


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