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Gift Comfort & Joy to your traveling employees

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

We understand the struggle of navigating airports- from endless waits and security lines to unpredictable weather and travel mishaps, the airport can be the ultimate stress magnet!

If you or your employees are frequent travelers, that adds an extra layer of strain to already demanding and stressful roles.

But fear not, because we've got some fantastic solutions for you! Discover brilliant gift ideas that will provide your globe-trotting team with much-needed relief from the challenges of travel. Say goodbye to travel woes and make their journey a breeze!

We have carefully selected items to go into our bags that are simple solutions to help us avoid frequent discomforts of travel!

  1. Wrinkle release spray. This is a lifesaver for your team to show up looking their best. Despite best efforts, traveling often causes clothes to wrinkle. I keep a travel sized spray of this Downy wrinkle release for my clothes.

  2. Noise-canceling headphones. I cannot stress this enough. Crying baby? I don’t know. Chatty person next to me? Unknown. It is bliss, and helped me be so much more productive as I am able to focus more easily without distractions. There are many types of headphones out there, but my preference is my Apple AirPods. I pair these with my Airfly bluetooth connector so I can watch the movies on the airplane with my own headphones, not the

  3. An awesome travel blanket. I’m not talking a cheap one. A really nice blanket makes me feel like I’m flying first class- even when I’m not! It’s the little splurges that really make me feel spoiled. This one packs up nice and small, feels great, and can be used multi-purposely, but if you’re looking for something really special, this cashmere travel blanket will wow anybody!

  4. A powerful portable charger. There are times that I have been working and the battery on my devices drains, and there isn’t always a place to charge them up. I always keep a small, portable charger with me to ensure that I can continue working & communicating with my clients. Make sure that you get a charger powerful enough for a computer. This is one that I use.

  5. A sleep mask. Okay, not just a sleep mask…. I use this amazing migraine head wrap for a complete lights-out experience. With time changes and disrupted sleep schedules, this helps block everything out better than any traditional sleep mask. As a bonus, it also helps fight painful migraines when not traveling.

  6. A really great work travel bag. I personally adore the Beis work tote- it is professional, functional, and classy looking work tote that you can find here. This is organized so slick, perfect for traveling: it holds my computer, tablet, pens, and other items and offers easy access to travel documents. I have tried other bags, and they just don’t make as much sense. For men, I suggest this waxed canvas weekender bag from Huckberry.

  7. Socks or slippers. I like to feel comfortable on my flights, and nothing makes me feel better than taking my shoes off. But nothing is more disgusting than someone taking their shoes off on an airplane. I will swap them out first chance I get and get comfy. Bombas is a great brand, and they make excellent slippers for men & women.

  8. A great water bottle. We all know that drinking water is one of the most important things we can do for our health. When traveling, it can be tricky to ensure you always have fresh, good tasting water on hand and I cannot bring myself to purchase plastic bottled water. If someone travels a lot, this is just not sustainable for our environment. I always bring a water bottle with me. Because of my destinations, I chose a bottle from LARQ that sanitizes & filters water. I can drink out of any water source through this bottle. However, they can get expensive. A few good alternatives are Hydroflask, Yeti, and Miir.

There you have it- our must always have items that we are sure your employees, clients, or even friends and family will love!

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