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2025 Boardrooms Without Borders: Thailand

Join Boredroom Breakouts for an experience of a lifetime as we journey to the northern region of Thailand for a holistic, authentic experience that is humanitarian-focused. 


January 26-February 4th 2025!

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We are experts in using adventure to build stronger teams, encourage personal and professional growth, and to have FUN doing it amidst busy careers. 


Now, we are bringing an opportunity to you to do all of this while supporting humanitarian efforts in Thailand!


This 10 day, 9 night trip to Thailand filled with inspiration, hands-on leadership development education, humanitarian projects and, of course, adventure!


Explore the world with like-hearted individuals as you overcome challenges, discover new abilities within yourself, have fun, contribute to life-changing humanitarian projects, learn about local life in Thailand, and visit nearby wonders.


Join this exciting opportunity to help us make the world shine just a little bit brighter - within the projects we will be supporting, and within ourselves.

The Highlights

Start in Chiang Mai

Boardroom Breakouts Without Borders Thailand Elephant Sanctuary Excursion

Arrive in Chiang Mai and stay in an ethical elephant sanctuary, surrounded by gentle giants as you explore the property, learn to care for the elephants, visit a local Kayan village, and embark on a bamboo rafting experience through the jungle!

Travel to Chiang Rai

Boardroom Breakouts Without Borders Thailand Excursion

We will transport you to Chiang Rai, where we will show you some of our favorite places - look for fun finds and delicious food at the local markets, tour stunning temples, hike to a hidden jungle waterfall and jump from the cliffs above - if you dare - into the water below! 

Work on a Humanitarian Project

Boardroom Breakouts Without Borders Thailand Humanitarian Project
Boardroom Breakouts Without Borders Thailand Participant Experience
Boardroom Breakouts Without Borders Thailand Water Project

You will meet the founder of Project Justice, and learn about the important initiatives they're working on. You will get to learn about the challenges that many local villages face, and why trafficking is such a big issue in this area.


Then, you will get to work- we will be working with Project Justice to select a project that they need to further their mission to help the prevention and rescue of children and young adults from sex trafficking. We will be visiting one of the local villages where one of the prevention projects exists, and support their vocational and educational initiatives.

You don't have to have experience- we will work with you to help you get connected with an assignment when on site, and show you how to complete the tasks we have been assigned as a group. We will be working with locals who will put us to work and show us how to build, tile, cement, or whatever might be needed at the time.


As the time gets closer to our trip, we will get more details about the specific projects and needs and work with you to determine your role.

Overnight in Phu Chi Fa

Boardroom Breakouts Without Borders Thailand Excursion

Phu Chi Fa could also be called "heaven on earth". It is regarded as one of the best sunrises in all of Thailand, and you will see why!  


We will be staying in mountain bungalows, giving us close proximity to dramatic trails leading to some of the best viewpoints.

Depart from Chiang Rai

Boardroom Breakouts Without Borders Thailand Transportation

We will have one last night in Chiang Rai, reflecting on our time together and celebrating the difference that we made - around us, and within us - before you are dropped off at the airport for your return home.



Boardroom Breakouts Without Borders Thailand Project

Child traffickers have one purpose: to exploit the young for their own gain. They prey on vulnerable people groups, families in the grip of desperate poverty and hardship. They use force, coercion and deception to procure young lives. They take children away from their families, sometimes to another country, where they will know no-one. They may not even know the language. They will have no idea how to find their way home. They will be lonely and frightened. The children may be victims of forced labor, sex trafficking and exploitation, and child pornography. They will be traumatized and abused. Without intervention, they will have no hope. Ever. Project Justice International is a team of nationals who have spent more than a decade working with governments and international agencies to stop child trafficking. We understand how to establish successful strategies to prevent children from being lured into the vicious sex trade. Our unique local knowledge gives us special insight into the best ways to locate and rescue trafficked children, and bring them to safety. Our partnerships with police and government agencies allow us to help bring perpetrators to justice. To prevent children being trafficked is the ultimate solution, saving them from torment and trauma that may last a lifetime. We do this with a multifaceted approach- 1. Empowering families by educating them about the traps employed by traffickers to lure children into slavery. 2. Providing children with a solid education that will give them a solid employment future. 3. Equipping teens with vocational training that will help ‘traffic-proof’ them by eliminating extreme poverty through employment opportunities.


We have been connected to Project Justice since 2015, when we were working in Thailand to fight sex trafficking. The founder, Somkiat, has stood unwaivering in his commitment and integrity to help his people in very practical and strategic measures that we have not seen in many other organizations. We asked Somkiat what Project Justice needed to move their organization forward next. They are working to fund a rescue home for young children rescued from the sex trafficking industry. In our time with them, we will help work with prevention project and support hands-on work for current projects in Thailand. While there, you will get to learn more about the challenges that children are facing globally, what their next project - the safe house - looks like, and how you can continue to support this crucial mission to prevent + rescue the most vulnerable children in the most terrifying situations.

Learn more in an upcoming trip

Information Session!

A Transformative Experience

Boardroom Breakouts Without Borders in Thailand


Our adventures challenge you to redefine personal capability, overcome limiting beliefs, enhance self-trust & your intuition.


This trip is filled with unique opportunities to learn through experiences that require quick thinking and effective decision making. 


Develop problem-solving skills and learn to make sound judgments under pressure.


Our adventures stimulate creative thinking and foster innovation.

Our activities require teamwork and effective communication to overcome challenges, fostering collaboration and enhancing communication skills.​


This trip will take you out of your comfort zone and present you with exhilarating challenges, pushing you beyond your perceived limits. 


Through moments like these, we discover hidden strengths, resilience, and courage at levels ways we haven't experienced before.


By stepping into unfamiliar territory, you will be inspired to approach challenges with fresh perspectives, leading to innovative solutions in your own life's journey. 


We take care of ALL the details from the time you land, to the time you leave. 


This adventure is like no other and will allow you to be present without worrying about controlling outcomes. It will create opportunities for you to embrace the unknown and stand as a reminder for you to return to life ready to use every new opportunity to your advantage!


Boardroom Breakouts Without Borders Thailand Elephant Sanctuary Excursion
Boardroom Breakouts Without Borders Thailand Waterfall Adventure Excursion


Accommodations in Thailand for 10 days/ 9 nights - a mix of local bungalows and hotels.


From the time you land to the time you leave, we handle all of the transportation in Thailand!


You will also get an opportunity to learn how to drive an electric scooter if you would like to instead of riding in the van.


  • Elephant Care Experience

  • Bamboo Rafting Experience

  • Educational Karan Village Visit

  • Guided hiking excursion to a waterfall

  • Admission to local temples

  • Hiking + overnight experience in Phu Chi Fa

  • Projects with Project Justice

  • Facilitated Leadership Development sessions


Take a break from meal prep: breakfasts, lunches, dinners and essential drinks are all included!

*We can accommodate a limited amount of food allergies due to our location. Check with us to see how we can best accommodate you


Fun + engaging guides that facilitate the entire experience!

What Others Are Saying:

"Dear people thinking of going on this adventure, GO!!!! 

I went (on the trip) not knowing anyone, and came home with forever friendships."

-Abbie T

"If you’re looking to break out of the monotony of life, stretch yourself to get to know new people and challenge yourself physically, sign up for an adventure—it’s one of the kindest things you can do for yourself"

-Hannah K

"Inspiring, challenging, and frustrating in all the right ways and places to promote incredible personal growth and reflection. As a psychologist, I was struck by how consist the strategies used reflected the science of behavioral change and group development."

-Anthony T

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2025: Thailand

Information Session

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Sign up today to experience the raw beauty in the "land of smiles" of Thailand, while immersing yourself in transformative adventures that help make the world a better place, foster personal growth and create unforgettable memories!
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