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2024 Couples Adventure:
The Dolomites, Italy

Your relationship deserves it's own adventure to spark connection, growth + FUN!

Your catalyst for connection is ahead!


July 21-27th 2024!


We are experts in using adventure to build stronger teams, encourage personal and professional growth, and to have FUN doing it amidst busy careers. 


Now, we are bringing this same opportunity to our community:

for YOU and your partner! 


Explore the world together as you overcome challenges, discover new abilities, have fun, connect with other busy professionals and do it all in one of the most stunning countries in the world- Italy!


A perfect blend of adventure, inspiration, and relaxation, this trip has been designed to inspire + spark conversation, meaningful connection and growth as you traverse mountain passes, tour a mountaintop winery, and cook a delicious Italian meal together. 


Join this exciting opportunity as a catalyst for connection with the team member that matters the most- your partner!

The Highlights

Starts + ends in Venice

Winery Tour

Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 11.58.45 AM.png

Hut To Hut Hiking Adventure

Return To Venice

What better way to start off the trip than in one of the most romantic cities in the world? 

Dubbed one of the most romantic cities in the world, you will enjoy strolling through the city, taking in art, architectural masterpieces, idyllic canals with boats rowing gently through them, and so much more!

Stay at the foothills of the Dolomites in Bolzano, the City of Wines! Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Alto Adige Wine Region with a wine tasting on the Sky Pavilion!

You will embark on a journey that takes 3 days, 2 nights as you traverse one of the most iconic mountain ranges: the Rosengarten. 


You will get to learn how to move across jutting spiral formations via ferrata. Via Ferratas were born in the Dolomites in Italy during World War I (1914 ? 1918). They were constructed to help get men and equipment into strategic positions in the mountains. These via ferratas are now available to us as we cross 2 passes in our time together. 


Enjoy each evening, resting in a cozy mountain lodge, connecting with each other as you recount your adventures and learn new communication and relationship tools!

Celebrate your successful excursion with dancing, a cooking class, and exploring the city together.


View from Tent


Connect with a diverse group other couples facing similar yet unique challenges in their lives as you navigate the demands of life.


Learn how other couples prioritize elements of their life, and share your own experiences to help others.


Limiting beliefs don't just happen within ourselves- they often creep into our relationships and hold us back from engaging and nurturing our relationships to their truest potential.


As you overcome challenges together, you will find yourself discovering new capabilities about yourself- and each other- to push you beyond preconceived limits!


Discover the power of adventure; embracing uncertainty, finding creative solutions and new strengths in yourself-and each other- and gracefully (and some of us, maybe not so gracefully?) adapting to unforeseen challenges.

Reconnect with each other on a deep level while also learning new practical skills together: hut to hut backpacking, cooking, traversing via ferratas, and more!


We use science + fun to teach insightful and applicable tools to strengthen communication, understand each other in new ways, and deepen your relationship with each other in the present as you reflect on the past and redefine your future.


We are here to take care of ALL the details from the time you land, to the time you leave. You get to show up and NOT be responsible this time. When is the last time that happened for you? 


This adventure is like no other and will leave you feeling inspired as you return recharged and ready to tackle what is next- in business, in your relationship, and in life.

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 3.51.46 PM
Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 3.52.21 PM
Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 3.57.18 PM
Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 3.52.34 PM
Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 3.52.11 PM



Accommodations for 6 nights total. 4 nights in a hotel in Venice + 2 nights in authentic mountain lodges!


From the time you land to the time you leave, we handle all of the transportation in Italy.


All activities listed in the itinerary are included: cooking classes, via ferrata gear, wine tasting, and more!


Take a break from meal prep: breakfasts, lunches, and essential drinks are all included + dinners and water filtration system while in the backcountry! 


Fun + engaging guides that facilitate the entire experience, making it easy and stress-free for you and your partner!

Dear people thinking of going on this adventure, GO!!!! 
I went on the Alaska trip not knowing anyone, and came home with forever friendships. I was a bit nervous being an asthmatic on some steep elevation gains- hiking, backpack camping, etc, but the leaders did an amazing job setting the pace. They checked in on me and didn't leave me (or others) behind. ALSO those that wanted to charge on ahead, they could! 
Favorite part for me was kayaking through glacial waters. The whole trip was well thought out, times for rest included, good food, and places to stay that had good vibes. If you are hesitant because 'the trip seems like a lot of money'- don't be. I was grateful for all the experiences we had- even learning how to four wheel through water passes!

Last thing, be prepared to have a ton of fun. I even think the eagles, seals, and salmon were smiling.

-Abbie (2022 Participant)

Sign up today to experience the untamed beauty and awe-inspiring landscapes of Italy, while immersing yourself in transformative adventures that foster personal growth and create unforgettable memories!
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